Mexico’s Independence Day

While Christmas and Easter are two of the most cherished holidays here in Mexico, Día de la Independencia, Mexico’s Independence Day is without a doubt the largest fiesta. Here’s what you need to know.

Mexico’s Independence Day-Miguel Hidalgo

Miguel Hidalgo

Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated on September 16. On this same day in 1810, the revolution was sparked after the inspiring speech El Grito de la Independencia (The Call to Independence) delivered by Priest Miguel Hidalgo of Dolores, Mexico—in the state of Guanajuato. Independence from Spain was not achieved until July 30, 1811, but the holiday is celebrated on the day that the revolution began. Hidalgo was captured and executed about a year after his speech but Mexico continued to fight until they achieved their freedom.

Mexico’s Independence Day-Mexican Flag

What To Expect

If you will be in Mexico the week of Independence Day you will notice that the fiesta begins several days beforehand—with the celebration getting bigger and more fun each day until the 16th. Expect lots of processions, live music, fireworks, out of town street vendors, horns, whistles, and chanting of ‘Viva Mexico’ and ‘Viva la Independencia’. Public transportation will be limited, many restaurants and businesses will be closed—as well as all government buildings. Here’s the list of road closures in Puerto Vallarta the 14, 15, and 16. With all the pop-up food stands and out of town vendors it’s the perfect day for street food!

Mexico’s Independence Day-Bagpipe Band of the San Patricio Battalion

Why Many Mexican’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Although independence from Spain is celebrated on September 16, the Mexican War (also called the American intervention in Mexico) once again threatened Mexico’s independence. The war lasted from 1846 to 1848 and did not end until Mexico signed a treaty giving up several of its northern territories. However, not all United States soldiers agreed with the takeover—leading to approximately 175 U.S. soldiers defecting and joining the Mexican army.

The defectors were known as the Saint Patrick’s Battalion (Batallón de San Patricio)—due to the fact that most of the soldiers were of Irish-Catholic descent. The battalion also had soldiers who were expatriates and immigrants from Germany, Canada, England, France, Italy, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, and Spain.

The battalion fought some of the toughest battles of the war. However, the soldiers were captured in battle and sentenced to death or hard labor. Many Mexicans continue to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in honor of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion. Mexico City even has a globally revered Bagpipe Band the San Patricio Battalion who travels Mexico and the world performing in honor of the battalion.

If you’ll be in Mexico for Independence Day be sure to head out and partake in the festivities!

How To Beat The Heat In Puerto Vallarta

We know you came to PV to get some sun and sand but if you are visiting between the months of July and September you may find the heat to be a bit intense. Here’s how to make the most of your vacation without overheating. These tips will work for expats and locals too!

Beat The Heat In Puerto Vallarta - Hydrate

Hydrate And Electrolytes

Not only do you need to increase your fluid intake when it’s hot and humid out but be sure to add electrolytes to the mix. Carry water with you, purchase electrolyte beverages in any Oxxo or Kiosko such as Gatorade, coconut water, and the local Electrolit which is available in many flavors. Enjoy fruit infused water (aqua fresca) which you can find from street vendors. Fresh squeezed juice and smoothies are easy to find, and give a limonada or naranada a try—sparkling mineral water with freshly squeezed lime juice or fresh squeezed orange juice.

If you purchase pre-cut fruit from a fruit stand, have the vendor add lime and salt which will turn your sweet treat into an electrolyte-filled snack. Don’t stress about the salt intake like you would at home, as you lose sodium when you sweat so it needs to be replenished. Opt for sangria and mojitos when drinking as they have a bit of aqua mineral which makes them hydrating and refreshing.

Beat The Heat In Puerto Vallarta - Peak Heat


Plan Your Day Around Peak Heat

Download a local weather app so that you can plan your day around peak heat, which is typically between 1 pm to 6 pm. These are the ideal hours to find a shady spot on the beach or at the pool so that you can hop in the water to cool down. It’s also the ideal time to enjoy a water excursion. This is also the rainy season so keep in mind that there may be afternoon and evening storms.

Beat The Heat In Puerto Vallarta - Cool Yourself Down


Cool Yourself Down

The goal is to keep yourself as cool as you can. These tips will help you stay cool, and cool you down fast when you are overheating.

  • Turn on the fans and air conditioning in your hotel, villa, or apartment.
  • When out and about, frequently pop into stores with air conditioning.
  • Walk on the shady side of the street and slow down when walking.
  • Bring a rosewater spray with you and keep it in the fridge to mist and cool yourself down.
  • Carry a washcloth or hanky with you to pat away sweat when out and about.
  • Dampen a few washcloths and place them in your freezer to drape over your neck when you are overheating.
  • Take cold showers when you are hot.
  • If your hotel doesn’t have a pool purchase a day pass somewhere to cool down.
  • Invest in a handheld fan that you can find at just about any gift shop.

Yelapa - Fresh Fish In Puerto Vallarta

Take A Day Trip

You don’t have to drive, cab or Uber too far to enjoy a drop in temperature. It will be an average of 10 degrees cooler once you get an hour or so up the coast, or head up to the mountains to visit San Sebastian, Talpa, or Mascota where you won’t feel any humidity. Also, consider taking a water taxi to one of the many nearby beaches and towns. It’s always a bit cooler on the water and you can find a shady spot to lounge on the beach.

The warmer months of July through September is low season, in part due to the humid weather, but it’s an excellent time of year to enjoy Puerto Vallarta without the tourist traffic of high season.

Things To Do On Your Extended Stay In Puerto Vallarta

If you are a snowbird, retiree, or digital nomad who will be staying in Puerto Vallarta for more than a week or two—you need to find a way to fill your days. Certainly, cycle through the tourist attractions you want to see but also consider a few of the ideas below.

Things To Do On Your Extended Stay In Puerto Vallarta-Facebook Groups

Join A Facebook Group Or Two

The local Facebook groups can help to answer many of your pressing questions, as well as help you meet other international travelers, and find out what is going on in and around town. Two of the most popular are Expats in Puerto Vallarta and Expats Living in Mexico. There are also multiple Facebook groups for those looking for real estate or rentals.

Things To Do On Your Extended Stay In Puerto Vallarta-Take A Class


Take A Class

Keep your eyes open for classes that interest you. Stop by the Vallarta Cultural Center or Vallarta Art to check for classes in painting, sculpting, lithography, photography, pottery, guitar, piano, violin, drums, dance, and more.  Take belly dancing at Studio Alika, an authentic Mexican cooking class, and check the lectures and discussions at The Boutique Theater—where you can also find some great shows. There are many yoga studios in town, some of which offer beachfront yoga.

Things To Do On Your Extended Stay In Puerto Vallarta-Learn Spanish


Learn Español

If you aren’t already fluent in Spanish, your extended stay in Puerto Vallarta is the perfect time to learn—or expand your vocabulary. With tourism being the city’s largest stream of revenue you will find that it is easy to get away without speaking much Spanish, but you will also find locals to be patient and helpful as you practice. Look for private tutors, take classes online, or sign up for group lessons. Be sure to download a translation app.

The Best Seafood In Puerto Vallarta

Make A List Of Restaurants You Want To Try

There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from and you are sure to quickly find a few favorites. However, don’t get stuck in the trap of repetition when there is so much amazing regional cuisine to enjoy. One easy way to sample several of our best restaurants at once is to take one of Vallarta Food Tours guided food tours. We currently have 7 food tours to choose with a seafood tour coming soon!

Things To Do On Your Extended Stay In Puerto Vallarta-Day Trip


Take A Weekly Day Trip

Why not do a bit of exploring while you’re here? There are several quaint little cities you can explore that are between 30 to 90 minutes from Vallarta or hop on a plane and fly somewhere close. This includes:

  • Yelapa
  • Los Animas
  • Bucerías
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Sayulita
  • Los Ayala
  • Mascota
  • San Sebastian
  • Guadalajara
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Mexico City
  • And More!

Even if you will be working remotely while you’re here you want to make the best of your extended stay—this tips will help!