Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta in The Summer Months

Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta During The Summer Months

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Let’s face it: it’s hot and humid in nearly any beach town in the summertime, and Puerto Vallarta is no exception. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a really great time here, and between the lighter crowds and awesome travel deals that are available during the summer season, it might actually become your favorite time of year to visit Puerto Vallarta.

In this blog we’ve got some fun and unique ways to beat the summer heat, make some new memories, and have a fabulous summer stay in Puerto Vallarta. 

Is Summer A Good Time To Visit Puerto Vallarta?

Though it is a different experience than visiting during the winter months, summer is a wonderful time to visit Puerto Vallarta. While the average temperature in the winter is 70° F (21° C), during the summer months it jumps to about 83° F (28° C). The warmest month of the year is typically August. It’s good to know that the hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta runs from June to October. Thanks to its topography though, Puerto Vallarta is typically well insulated against hurricane damage, but it’s good to be aware of because nearby hurricanes can bring storms to Vallarta… the kind that make you want to cozy up on the patio with a nice beverage and a good book.

Vallarta Food Tours Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta During The Summer Months
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One important summertime rule of thumb is to take it easy… take a cue from the locals and try to walk a little slower. Another is to stay hydrated, and if you think you’ve had enough water, have a little more. The summer season, with high humidity and near daily rain showers, is quite the opposite of the crisp and dry winter, but it’s a time of year that a lot of people really like. The hills are lush and green, the air is sweet like flowers, everything moves a bit slower, and getting caught in the rain is sometimes just a part of the fun. Especially in Old Town, there are nearby bars and restaurants to duck into on every corner for a quick snack or drink while it dies down. When visiting during the summer, just check the weather, dress for the occasion, and enjoy the quieter, sweeter side of Puerto Vallarta.

Summer Activities In Puerto Vallarta: Be Near The Water

Vallarta Food Tours Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta During The Summer Months

Beach Please

With Puerto Vallarta’s tropical climate, any time is a good time for beach time. If you love to frolic in the waves, take your pick from many glorious beaches all along the city’s shoreline. Try Playa Camarones, a “locals” beach in the Cinco de Diciembre neighborhood, or Playa Los Muertos by the famous pier for something a bit more touristy. Further south (but still walking distance) is Playa Conchas Chinas, with easy, rolling waves and a noticeable lack of vendors. Hop on a bus and find yourself at Playa Gemelas, Punta Negra, or Mismaloya. If you’re feeling like getting out of the city but not feeling like getting on a bus, grab a panga (water taxi) from Los Muertos Pier and head over to Yelapa for the day.

Many of these locations have beach clubs where you pay a nominal fee for access to things like chaise lounges, umbrellas, food and drinks. If you’re trying to beat the heat by staying near the water for the day, posting up at a beach club is money well spent.

Hotel Day Pass

If you’re AirBnBing it and the beach isn’t quite what you’re looking for, perhaps a pool day is in order. Many local hotels offer a day pass option where, similar to a beach club, you have access to some creature comforts. It’s good to do a little research on the best Puerto Vallarta hotel day pass for you because the offerings (and pricing) vary a lot from place to place. In addition, many facilities offer a food and drink credit which is included in the day pass price, but the amount of the credit varies too. 

Most hotels offer pool access, chaise lounges, and hopefully umbrellas, but what other things would make your day really special? Even if you’re already staying in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, the experience they each offer is widely different. What does another hotel have that yours doesn’t? Bottomless mimosas? And incredible view? Spa services? Family friendly, or a chance to mingle with other singles? This is where doing a little research will come in handy. 

Any hotel day pass is likely a decent day pass… it’s hard to go wrong with pool time. But a day pass can also be a great way to beat the heat and give yourself a special treat too. So choose wisely, have fun, and stay cool.

Vallarta Food Tours Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta During The Summer Months

On A Boat

You might already know that it tends to be several degrees cooler on the water than on land. So if you really want to beat the heat, get yourself out on a boat! Charter a bay cruise, or check out the world class deep sea fishing that can only be found in the Bay of Banderas. The summer months are great for blue and black marlin, amber jack, grouper, wahoo, and sailfish. In particular, tuna and red snapper are consistently jumping throughout the summer months.

Summer Activities In Puerto Vallarta: Find Some AC

Catch A Flick

It’s not particularly “vacation-y”, but hear us out: It’s two hours in the kind of environment where a jacket is welcomed and perhaps even necessary. Doesn’t that sound nice? Compared to the humidity outside, it’s like stepping into a whole other world. Five minutes ago you were in a tropical jungle, and now you’re in the Swiss Alps. Just go with it. Plus there is candy and plush seats. And with many cinemas offering a wide range of shows, including Hollywood blockbusters, in Spanish and with subtitles, it can be a nice, somewhat familiar way to take a break from the heat and the go-go-go of vacation too. 

Vallarta Food Tours Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta During The Summer Months
Can’t you just feel how cold this theater is?

Hit The Mall

Shopping and vacation go hand in hand. And if you took our advice and caught a movie, perhaps at Cinepolis in La Isla mall, you’re already where the best shopping in Puerto Vallarta is. Check out all the gorgeous high end retail stores, and do a little shopping for yourself at “everyday” stores like H&M, Forever 21, MAC, Bath & Body Works, and more. 

Plaza Caracol and Galerias are two other nearby local malls, both with Cinemex theaters, a great variety of stores to shop in, and plenty of food options too.

Take A Sightseeing Tour

Bring the cool with you when you book a private driver to show you around town. There are plenty of sights to see in and around Puerto Vallarta, so hit the road in a comfy air-conditioned vehicle and let the breathtaking vistas roll by as you relax in style. There are plenty of formal sightseeing tours that you can book, that will take you to specific landmarks, or you can DIY your own tour with a private driver. Head to the hills of San Sebastian for the day, or a scenic drive down the coast toward Barra de Navidad. There are many interesting and beautiful points of interest along either of these routes. 

Summer Activities In Puerto Vallarta: Eat Great Food

Nothing says “tropical vacation” like dining al fresco! To be sure, in the open air is where you’ll find some of the best dining in Puerto Vallarta. But there is something so nice about walking into a crisp, cool, air-conditioned space – that’s why we went to the movies earlier – so it’s hard to choose a favorite among all the incredible restaurants here. Check out our guide to the 39 best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and find out what’s for dinner tonight.

Vallarta Food Tours Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta During The Summer Months street food tour
The Vallarta Food Tours Street Food Tour is just one of the amazing ways to beat the summer heat in Vallarta

Tacos & Tequila

Street tacos are a local institution in Puerto Vallarta. As the sun dips into the sea and the sultry summer heat begins to cool, the streets come alive with people who have been hard at work all day. In the evenings it’s time to hang out with friends, eat dinner, and chill… literally and figuratively. This is when our street food tour sets out, bringing you the best tacos (and other delights) from all the places that have put PV street tacos on the map. Save your appetite, we’ll see you at 6pm! Book your tour here.

Vallarta Food Tours Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta During The Summer Months ultimate agave tour
Check out our whole lineup of tours, including the newest member of the Vallarta Food Tours family: Mexology tours.

Party Bus

Do you want to beat the heat, discover the best cocktails in Puerto Vallarta, and learn a little about the five agave spirits too? Then you’ve got to check out our Ultimate VIP Agave Experience. Picture this: you and your friends ride in style and comfort (and AC) in a spacious Mercedes Sprinter Van, touring the city in search of regional cocktails prepared by the best local bartenders. Visit 5 of the hottest locations in Vallarta for nightlife, and, pro tip: if you do this early enough in your trip, you’ll have time to do it again. 

The Best Time To Visit Puerto Vallarta

Though it’s hard to deny the draw of the near perfect conditions in the winter and spring months, the best time for you to visit PV might be during the shoulder season or the summer and fall months, typically thought of as “low season”. 

Sure, it’s a bit warmer then, but it’s warmer everywhere! What Vallarta can really give you then, in particular, is a more personal experience. In the summer, the city isn’t packed with tourists. The locals practice that “walking slow” thing. We take our time, relax and breathe during the summer months. It’s a different experience, but one that you can really savor too. Join us!