Gay Pride Puerto Vallarta 2018—What You Need To Know!

It’s exciting enough booking your tickets to an international Pride but even more exciting this year as Gay Pride Puerto Vallarta 2018 falls during Restaurant Week and the 100th Anniversary of our great city—which is why this year’s Pride theme is “100 Reasons to Celebrate”. A city put on the map by Elizabeth Taylor herself after filming the 1964 movie Night of the Iguana, PV has much to offer. Here’s what you need to know!

Where To Stay?

It’s up to you as there is no shortage of boutique hotels, LGBT-friendly resorts, and Airbnb’s in Zona Romantica (The Romantic Zone) which is the equivalent of a Chicago-esq Boystown. Amazing restaurants, shopping, and just 1 block from the beach. There are also some excellent resorts in nearby Conchas Chinas which is just a short cab or Uber ride away, but rethink staying in Nuevo Vallarta. While the resorts there are amazing, you will be pretty far from the action—unless that is what you prefer.

Gay Pride Puerto Vallarta 2018--What To Do In PV

What To Do In Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta 2018 Pride runs from May 20th to May 27th. The full calendar of Pride events can be found here. But what about when you aren’t enjoying the festivities? Here are a few ideas:

  • Book an LGBT excursion. There are many to choose from.
  • Take a taxi to Boca and hop on the water taxi to Yelapa.
  • Or also from Boca, get a group and rent a Grumpy Old Men-esq boat (but bigger) for the day, just $10 to $20 USD per person for a drop-off and pick-up at one of the small nearby beaches.
  • Do a guided or self-guided Art Walk, which is an official Pride event on May 23rd.
  • Book an excursion at Bucket List-worthy Islas Marietas Island this is a full 8 hour day.
  • Take a day trip, maybe to Tequila—the Champagne of Mexico, the only place where authentic tequila can be made.
  • If you aren’t staying at a resort purchase a day pass to lounge at the pool of almost any resort or spend the day at the Mantamar Beach Club.
  • Book a guided food tour with Vallarta Food Tours. We are an LGBT-friendly tour company who offers tours of authentic Mexican cuisine. We’ll take you to the hidden gems you probably won’t find on your own. Our 3 hours tours can be done on foot, in a van, or on bicycles. Check out our tour calendar, or book a private tour with a group of friends!

How To Get Around? PV Has Uber!

That’s right if you came to PV Pride last year there was no Uber—but this year there is! That being said, as in many tourist towns, taxi drivers have not embraced Uber. This has led to designated Uber “pickup spots” throughout downtown Vallarta. These pick-up spots are not always convenient. For example, your Uber may be 3 minutes away, but your pickup spot a 5-minute walk away. If you are at your hotel you should be fine—but when out and about a cab may be easier. And due to the taxi/Uber driver tension, there will not be an Uber sticker in the window so look for the license plate number instead.

Before you hop in your cab, be sure to confirm the fare or you may arrive at your destination changed with a steep “gringo tax”.

No need to rent a car in PV.

What To Tip?

Taxis and Ubers don’t need tips unless they have gone above and beyond—helped with your luggage, made an extra stop, or held your hair back when you’ve had too much to drink. At casual dining local spots or street taco stands 10% is fine, but restaurants geared toward tourists 15 or 20 percent is expected. This guide will help with other tipping scenarios.

Can I Drink The Water?

PV has some of the most impressive plumbing and water treatment systems in Mexico but it’s wise to purchase your bottled water. In resorts and almost every restaurant, even the ice will be made from filtered or bottled water. When out and about there are convenience stores everywhere for when you need water on the go.

Drink Too Much?

I know, the last thing you want to do when hungover is eat—but aguachiles is the local hangover cure. Or fight fire with fire and order a Michelada, which is a Mexican Bloody Mary but made with beer.

Can I Use My Phone?

If you are from the US or Canada your phone is likely to work, but make sure you are clear on your international calling rates—or consider upgrading to an international plan for the time you will be here. If you don’t have an international plan learn how to turn off roaming while still accessing your Wi-Fi. Your hotel and most restaurants have Wi-Fi so download What’s App before you leave your home country so that you can call and message friends back home. You can also call and message on Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Gay Pride Puerto Vallarta 2018

Is Puerto Vallarta LGBT Friendly?

Tourism is the primary source of economic income and ongoing growth in Puerto Vallarta. It’s a year-round international LGBT vacation destination, with a growing digital nomad presence, and PV is a popular place for US and Canadian residents to retire or snowbird. So, you will find a mix of everyone. The Romantic Zone (PS I’m from Chicago) is very much like any other LGBT-friendly big city neighborhood—but more vacation-centered. Will you run into the occasional ignorant local or tourists? Yes, just like anywhere in the world. But you can be out and proud in PV. One of the exciting things that gay tourism in Vallarta has created is an LGBT-haven for nationals. For gay Mexicans, Vallarta is an early San Francisco.  For locals, it often begins with a vacation to see if it’s too good to be true, then a move to the city.

Don’t see what you were looking for? Just ask! Shoot us a message on Facebook or call or email.

Happy Pride!



Looking For An Adventure? The Best Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta

There’s nothing wrong with lounging on the beach but you might be looking for an adventure on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta, something more than just the usual tourist attractions. Here’s what to do in-between your rest and relaxation!

Excursions In Puerto Vallarta

Explore the Jungle- Zip the Canopy

Puerto Vallarta is famous for our beautiful beaches. However, amazing adventures also lie behind the beach, up in the jungle, in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Vallarta’s mountain jungle is a semi-tropical rain-forest where birds and butterflies abound. A garden of Eden, with over 7000 indigenous plants (including over 170 species wild orchids) and over 1000 species of tropical birds. Take a zip line tour and fly through the hidden, wild, and wonderful world of a jungle canopy. Lots of great choices for zip lining. Our favorite is Canopy River. Or just go hiking!

Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta - Los Arcos

Snorkel or Dive at Los Arcos or Islas Marietas National Park

Known as the aquarium, Los Arcos marine park is a federal marine reserve not too far from shore, where you can dive or snorkel with tropical fish, rays and sea turtles. You will see angelfish, sergeant major, damsel fish, parrot fish, triggerfish, manta rays, green turtles, dolphins, and more! Also, consider a full a day excursion with a 2-hour boat ride to and from the Islas Marietas National Park. Once you arrive you can snorkel, paddle board, and kayak. Also, one of the two places in the world where you can view the rare blue footed booby bird!

The Best Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta - Whale Watching

Whale Watch

Vallarta’s Bay of Banderas enjoys a humpback whale migration from December through March. The whales can be seen from the beach as they occasionally swim close to the shore. A better way to see the whales is by boat, on a whale watch tour. It’s an amazing experience to see and admire these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. If you have never seen humpback whales in the wild, take the tour!

The Best Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta

Take a Bike Tour

You like adventure but you also want to explore the best our city has to offer. Enjoy the best of both worlds by taking the Vallarta Food Tours Bikes and Bites tour. This guided 3-hour outdoor activity features eight tasting locations carefully chosen to highlight the best regional flavors Vallarta has to offer. An easy and fun pedal around town and a culinary adventure!

Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta

Visit the Botanical Gardens

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens is located about 40 minutes south of Old Town Vallarta. You can take a cab, Uber or the Tuito Bus which departs from the corner of Carranza Street and Aguacate Street in Old Town. It will say Tuito and Botanical Gardens on the windshield and it’s a beautiful bus ride out the south shore. The gardens sprawl across the jungle hilltops and down a river valley in a set of hiking trails that descend to the Tomatlan River.

Bring your bathing suit as the river has lush gorgeous clear blue water swimming holes along the way! The plants are marked for identification. Even if you are not a plant person, the food at the restaurant there is absolutely fabulous and the gift shop is amazing. Blown glass from Tonala, Jalisco and stylish unique hand-crafts and pots from all over the Republic of Mexico. You can buy exotic plants there too.

The Best Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta

Hike up the Cuale River and Lunch at Mauros Paraiso

From Old Town, you can walk up Cardenas Street, east toward the mountains, and follow along the river Cuale, under the highway and through the neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Keep walking and following along the river. You will find the little berg of Paso Ancho. Keep walking on the road and along the river. After Paso Ancho, and 10 minutes of walking you will find the restaurant on the river called Mauros Paraiso.  (Mauros paradise) Coldest beer In the state of Jalisco (order the Victoria Beer with lime) and the food is incredible there.

Mauro is a genius on the barbecue. Order a brochette of chicken, or seafood, or the filet of fish on the barbecue. The setting is fabulous, perched right on the River Cuale. Where you can watch the parrots soar above the river and lush green hillsides.  If you don’t want to hike, just take a cab and tell them Restaurant Mauros Paraiso, en el Rio Cuale, Paseo de Guayaba (arriba de paso ancho).

The Best Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta

Tour the Jungle on ATVs or Dune Buggies

Another fun way to explore Vallarta is to take a jungle tour on ATVs or Dune Buggies. This is a wild and bumpy ride, perfect for anyone who loves tooff-roadd. Be sure to bring sunglasses with a strap so they don’t fall off, and at least one bandana with you to help keep the dust out of your face.

There are certainly more fun outdoor activities to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta, but these are our top pics!

5 Amazing Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

So, you are coming to Puerto Vallarta for vacation and you want to experience the best of our city. Check out our list of amazing things to do. We hope it will inspire you to explore and experience some of the magic that is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Walk the Malecon

Malecon is Spanish for a public walkway along the sea, a boardwalk. Vallarta´s Malecon is a gorgeous wide paved pathway, along the Bay of Banderas, in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Palm trees line the way, with breathtaking views of the entire bay. Whimsical bronze sculptures are displayed along the entire route. Unique shops, cafes, and gardens, all in a designated pedestrian zone,  ideal for strolling. The Plaza de las Armas, in front of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is an open-air amphitheater that has concerts and dance performances on the Malecon in the evenings.  A magical mix of artists, food vendors, locals, and tropical breezes make the Malecon a rich and uniquely Vallarta experience.


Excursions In Puerto Vallarta

Canapy River

Explore the Jungle—Zip the Canopy

Puerto Vallarta is famous for our beautiful beaches. However, amazing adventures also lie behind the beach, up in the jungle, in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Vallarta’s mountain jungle is a semi-tropical rain-forest where birds and butterflies abound. A garden of Eden,  with over 7,000 indigenous plants (including over 170 species wild orchids) and over 1,000 species of tropical birds. Take a zip line tour and fly through the hidden, wild, and wonderful world of a jungle canopy. Lots of great choices for zip lining. Our favorite is Canopy River.

Day Excursions In Puerto Vallarta

Yelapa Water Taxi Coop

Explore the Bay—Boat Cruises and Water Taxis

The Bay of Banderas offers endless options for recreational boating. Take a bay cruise on a pirate ship or jump on a water taxi to the south shore. Water taxis leave from the Vallarta municipal pier and from Boca de Tomatlan. You can also rent jet skis and paddle boards, or charter a boat for snorkeling, whale watching, or fishing. The charters aren’t as expensive as you might imagine! Or take a sailboat cruise on the Bay.

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Visit the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Vallarta’s architectural gem, the church sits on the main plaza in front of the Malecon and the Plaza de Las Armas. Construction began in 1904 and took 70 years to complete. The church is dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of all Mexicans. Awe-inspiring upon entry, with architectural grandeur, the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a must see.


 Walking Tours In Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Banderas News

Peruse the Art Galleries or Take the Free Art Walk Tour

The art walk is on Wednesday evenings, a self-guided walking tour through art galleries and cafes in downtown Vallarta. Many shops and galleries offer wine as you wander through their gallery. Art of all mediums is shown. A fun way to explore the art scene and meet artists, gallery owners, and other art lovers along the way.

For more ideas take a look at this blog post!

Our 7 Favorite Breakfast Spots in Puerto Vallarta

We don’t mean to nag but…we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Agreed? But seriously, how many of us overlook this, opting for a quick bite before we shuttle about our day. Here in Puerto Vallarta, with so many amazing breakfast options, there is not excuse to skip breakfast. So put away the excuses and take out the fork and knife.

Here are our favorite breakfast spots, ranging from cute, local neighborhood coffee shops to more formal restaurants.

Coco’s KitchenPulpito 122, Old Town.  Set in a gorgeous, lush garden, Coco’s Kitchen is a long-time Vallarta staple and for good reason. With a perfectly crafted breakfast/brunch menu, Coco’s delights with an exquisite chile relleno omelet, decadent churro pancakes and savory huevos rancheros.  Go crazy, wash down this deliciousness with one of their great mimosas.

Savory omelettes at Coco's Kitchen.

Savory omelettes at Coco’s Kitchen.

La PalapaPulpito 105-3, Old Town. La Palapa is one of the oldest restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Once you step inside, it is easy to understand its longevity. Warm and inviting yet majestic in its allure, La Palapa sits on one of the most enviable beaches in Puerto Vallarta – Los Muertos Beach.  You will fawn for days over La Palapa’s soft shell crab eggs Benedict with a chipotle hollandaise and the green or red chilaquiles topped with Oaxaca cheese. Provecho!

Fredy’s TucanBasilio Badillo 245, Old Town.  All you need to know is that during high season, you will find a good amount of people milling around outside of this Vallarta institution.  What is the draw?  To start out with, variety.  Fredy’s Tucan offer more than 70 dishes – literally something for everyone. For a traditional Mexican breakfast, try their “campesino” –  arrachera accompanied with chilaquiles and beans.  Breakfast of champions!


Enchanting view at Hacienda San Angel

Hacienda San Angel Miramar 336, Centro.  With one of the most awe-inspiring views in the city, Hacienda San Angel takes Sunday Brunch to a new level – literally and figuratively.  Perched above the city’s central church, Hacienda San Angel offers up an incredible brunch complete with prime rib, shrimp cocktail, made-to-order omelets, waffles and crepes, a wide array of salads, cheeses, desserts and lots more. A strolling violinist and the stunning view set the stage for an unforgettable Sunday in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

A Page in the SunLazaro Cardenas 179, Old Town.  More than twenty years ago, two sisters, Gaby and Lindsey opened a small coffee shop, armed with a dream and their love of books.  A single rotating bookshelf and a tiny space, morphed into a much larger space lined with books and one of Vallarta’s favorite meeting spots. A Page in the Sun’s delicious organic coffee is grown in the Sierra Madre mountains and roasted by them into four varieties to enjoy along with great breakfast sandwiches and bagels!

Fall in love with Page in the Sun’s organic coffee!

Mi CaféFrancisco I. Madero 505, Old Town.  Tucked away in a cute neighborhood, Mi Café is a hidden gem.  A friendly, bilingual staff warmly welcome you to this cozy and comfortable café.  The great service sets the table for a memorable breakfast.  Make sure to try the French toast and the avocado omelet.  ¡Que rico!

Top 10 Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

What to do in Puerto Vallarta? Where do we start… 

1. The Art of Doing Nothing: Just relax with cold cerveza and enjoy the sunset! Puerto Vallarta is full of places to do this, but our go-to spot is El Solar.

What to do in puerto vallarta2. Deep-sea Fishing: Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay is a world-renowned destination for deep-sea fishing enthusiast. If you’re looking for an exciting Puerto Vallarta activity with a tasty payoff, check out Fishing Rebels.

op activities to do in puerto vallarta3.  Beach Hike: The hour hike from Boca to Las Animas beach lets you burn off those famous Puerto Vallarta tacos and provides breathtaking views. Stretch out the day with a stop for pictures and a cocktail (or two) at the Casitas Maraikas.

4. Take a Food Tour with Vallarta Food Tours! Get acquainted with the local food scene on a 3-hour food tour. From tacos to sweets, this Puerto Vallarta walking tour lets you sample an array of the city’s edible delights. Choose from: Downtown, Pitillal, or our Evening Taco Tour! Book it here.

puerto vallarta food5.  Stroll El Malecón: An iconic Puerto Vallarta activity, a trip to El Malecón is a must! Get some fresh air, catch a sunset and people watch. Don´t miss the Voladores (pole flyers!) that put on quite a show in the afternoon.

top 10 things to do in Puerto Vallarta6. Head to Old Town: Stroll around and do some shopping in the boutique stores of Basilio Badillo and when it gets too hot, stop for a margarita at La Palapa in front of the Muertos Pier. Look for the love door for a great photo!


7. Mex-ology Tour: This 3-hour walking tour gets to the spirit of the Mexican cocktail! You’ll sip Mezcal, Tequila, Kahlua, Raicilla and Mexico´s signature beer cocktail – the Michelada! Of course, it’s all paired with some of Puerto Vallarta’s best tacos. Book here.

vallarta food tours

8. Whale Watching: From December to March, Humpback whales migrate to Banderas Bay to give birth to their baby calves. Watching these gentle giants leap out of the water and crash back into the sea is one of the most spectacular shows Mother Nature has to offer.

9. View the Bay from the Water: Take a water taxi to the beaches of Yelapa, Animas, Quimito, our favorite stop being Casitas Maraikas for beach and drinks.

things to do in puerto vallarta

10. Salsa Dancing: Salsa dancing makes for a fun night out with friends! The best places to get down in Puerto Vallarta are La Bodeguita del Medio and J&B Dance Club.

For more insider Puerto Vallarta scoop stay in touch with us on Facebook and check out our blog!