Foodie Resolutions For 2019-Grow Your Own

5 Foodie Resolutions For 2019

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Feliz año nuevo! As a foodie what you will be eating in 2019 is high on your list of priorities. You already have a long list of go-to restaurants and recipes, but you must expand your foodie finds. This list of resolutions will help! Travel For Food Food is an essential part of every culture, both regionally and internationally. While …

5 Foods You Have To Try On Your Next Trip To Vallarta-Mole

5 Foods You Have To Try On Your Next Trip To Vallarta

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Your heading to Mexico so we will assume that street tacos and Tequila are on your list of things to do, but you might be wondering what other foods you should try while you are here? Below is a list of 5 regional and classic Mexican foods that even if you’ve had outside of Mexico—you must try in Puerto Vallarta! …

Where Should You Stay On Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

Where Should You Stay On Your Next Puerto Vallarta Vacation?

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Puerto Vallarta and the nearby Nuevo Vallarta have something for travelers of every age, interest, and budget. One of the first things you must consider is where to stay during your Mexican getaway. Here’s what to consider when deciding where to stay. Resorts And All-Inclusives The great thing about all-inclusives is that you don’t have to do much in terms …

Taco 101—How To Eat Street Tacos Like A Vallarta Local

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Even if you eat tacos on a regular basis your first authentic Mexican taco will be a whole new experience. Don’t be intimidated because learning how to eat like a local is part of the fun of travel! Here’s what you need to know to eat your taco like a pro, both at street food stands and in sit down …

Beat The Heat In Puerto Vallarta - Cool Yourself Down

How To Beat The Heat In Puerto Vallarta

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We know you came to PV to get some sun and sand but if you are visiting between the months of July and September you may find the heat to be a bit intense. Here’s how to make the most of your vacation without overheating. These tips will work for expats and locals too! Hydrate And Electrolytes Not only do …

The Top Puerto Vallarta Shore Excursions

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If you will be on a cruise ship that docks in Puerto Vallarta for the day you may be looking to book your own shore excursion—opposed to the limited selection offered by the ship. This will not only expand your excursion options but costs less and provides you with a far more authentic Mexican Experience. Here’s what to add to …