Our Virtual Tours


Tacos al Pastor with Chef Manuel


Tues& Thurs

6pm CT

Explore Mexico's extraordinary taco culture in a guided cooking class with a professional chef.


Churros & Hot Chocolate with Miel


Sat & Sun

8 & 5pm CT

Discover the world of Churros with Miel. Miel will teach you its delicious history and you how to make them at home!


Mezcal's My Pal with Luis


Wed & Fri

5:30pm CT

Learn the history of Mezcal, myths, how to choose a mezcal and make 2 cocktails with master mixologist Luis!

Vallarta Experiences is having fun learning with our rock star guides! Vallarta Experiences When you just can't get out for some street food When you could stand next to someone Vallarta Food Tours is meeting local food heroes! Vallarta Experiences is almost like eating mouth-watering delicious regional tacos!