Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta - Sunset

Top 10 Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta

Joanne SilateiThings to Do in Vallarta

Whether you are here for a weekend getaway, honeymoon, or family vacation you must take advantage of the romantic hotspots in Puerto Vallarta. Here are our top picks!

Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta - Boutique Hotel

Your Hotel Or Accommodations

If romance is the goal, then be sure to book a beachfront hotel or Airbnb. This will ensure you have fantastic views and can enjoy the sound of the sea. If not beachfront, try to get somewhere with a view of the bay. And why not have a swimming pool too?

Gay Pride Puerto Vallarta 2018

Watch The Sunrise

If you are an early morning riser or you were out late the night before stay up and head to the Malecon to watch the sunrise. That is unless you watch from your hotel window or balcony.

Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta - Couple's Massage

Couples Massage

Whether massage is part of your monthly routine or something you reserve as a treat, a massage is an excellent way to help you relax and unwind—and it’s romantic if you have a massage as a couple. If your hotel doesn’t have a spa, walk-ins are welcome at almost every massage parlor in town.

Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta - Fresh Oysters

Eat Fresh-Caught Oysters

Oysters are a natural aphrodisiac so if you and your number one love oysters take advantage of the fresh-caught local oysters. You’ll find beachfront vendors and many restaurants in town serve oysters in the shell. Just add some hot sauce and a bit of lime.

Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta - Rhythms of the Night

Rhythms Of The Night

How about a sunset cruise to a mystical amphitheater in the middle of the rainforest where you watch a world-class show while eating dinner under a starlit sky. If that’s not romantic I’m not sure what is!

Day Excursions In Puerto Vallarta

Charter A Boat

Don’t think chartering a boat is in your budget? Think again. Head down to Bocca by bus or taxi and negotiate a price to be dropped off and picked up at one of the nearby, minimally populated beaches—or rent the boat (with a driver) for the day and go beach hopping by boat.

The Best Chile Relleno In Puerto Vallarta

Treat Yourself To Fine Dining

There is no shortage of restaurants to choose from so take advantage. And Mexican cuisine isn’t your only option! Yes, you want to take advantage of your access to authentic Mexican cuisine—but you may want to mix things up a bit. You’ll find all sorts of fine dining in Puerto Vallarta: Indian, Thai, Sushi, Italian, American classics, Canadian classics, and more!

Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta - Cooking Class

Take a Cooking Class

If you and your other half love to cook taking an authentic Mexican cooking class is perfect. And you can cook the dishes you learn together when you return home! Most classes include visiting the local markets to buy fresh ingredients and then learning to prepare the dishes. Cookin Vallarta is a great choice near the Marina. Miriam’s Mexican Kitchen is another solid choice in el Centro. Essence of Cuisine Cooking School is a great choice in old town. For Mexican seafood, with a modern twist, choose the traveling spoon. Professional Chef Manu teaches small groups in his kitchen in his home in el centro.

The Best Outdoor Activities In Puerto Vallarta

An Outdoor Adventure

If you and your better half find adventures romantic you have plenty to choose from! Consider a bike food tour with Vallarta Food Tours, hiking in the jungle, deep sea fishing, an ATV ride, zip lining, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and more!

Romantic Hotspots In Puerto Vallarta - Sunset

Watch The Sunset

The sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are spectacular. Sit on the Malecon to watch, or head to one of the upper restaurants on the Malecon or up in the hills to watch. Casa Isabell is an excellent choice. If it’s a holiday you will need reservations.

If romance is on your agenda you won’t have to try very hard to find it in PV!